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What is Medhurst Ministries?

Medhurst Ministries takes it's name from Thomas Medhurst, a convert and student of Charles H. Spurgeon. Almost immediately after his conversion, Medhurst an uneducated, working class man began preaching the gospel. 

Through his open air preaching, two people soon became Christians and then, members of his local church. Yet rather than being excited at his zeal, other church members where appalled. They demanded that Spurgeon stop this uneducated, working class man from preaching. Their fear was, that this 'rope maker', would bring disgrace to the gospel.

Spurgeon, didn't put a stop to Medhurst 's preaching, instead, seeing the hand of God upon his ministry, Spurgeon decided to train him for gospel ministry and The Pastor’s College was born.

Medhurst Ministries is inspired by both the desire and zeal of Medhurst in his gospel work and the generosity and vision of Spurgeon to train and financially support working class men for ministry. 

Medhurst Ministries exists to provide resources and links to help those who are training, ministering and preaching to council estates and other areas that are deemed to be hard places.